Anne Gelfer
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Executive Producer

anne gelfer headshotMy journalism career began with a crash-course in local news at KSDK NewsChannel 5 in St. Louis, Missouri: booking shoots, running scripts, archiving tape, even operating the teleprompter... I was subjected to a multitude of "glamorous" tasks while working the (very early) morning shift in the newsroom. During my time there, I quickly learned that so much of the magic to storytelling takes place OFF CAMERA, and so my journey began...

Three years in Hollywood learning the ropes of network television was a real game-changer. On Warner Bros. Studio's Stage 26 and in the Suddenly Susan writers' room, I received an education in the craft of comedy writing, timing, cinematography, editing, working with actors and appeasing executives. (Shuttling the legendary Tony Curtis to and from the studios was just icing on the cake.) Working in the world of sitcoms taught me a great deal about all the moving pieces involved in creating entertaining programming.

anne gelferEventually I wound up back in the Midwest, working as a producer for The Oprah Winfrey Show - a perfect fit and the culmination of my experience in news and entertainment. For more than a decade, I met some of the most inspirational people on the planet, and was honored to tell their stories to our millions of viewers. Assignments led me to Sri Lanka after the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004, and New Orleans just a year later to cover the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I worked with an American President and Muhammad Ali, as well as some of the biggest movie stars and musical artists in the world. Everyone has a story, and I helped tell hundreds of them while working on the most successful talk show of all time.

Since Oprah wrapped her show, I've worked for Mark Burnett, Anderson Cooper, Starbucks and the National Restaurant Association, to name a few. Brands have stories, too, and I enjoy bringing my experience to helping companies tell them.

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