Justin Howe
Director of Photography | Editor

I started my career in videography and editing at the age of 12. I knew early on that I should follow my passion for filmmaking but I had no idea what particular form that would take until I left Texas to attend film school in Chicago.

justin howeDuring my undergraduate studies in film at Loyola University, I followed my passion for cinematography and also discovered a love for editing and the nuances and complexities of the color grading process. In addition to film, I studied jazz in college and really enjoy composing music for film. Every detail is aimed at communicating a story.

As a director of photography, I have worked on two feature films, over fifteen short films, and a countless number of commercials, documentaries, non-fiction spots and events. As an editor, I've completed a number of feature films, shorts, and have thousands of hours of ENG and commercial editing experience. Over the past two years, I dove head first into finding out what it would take to master the art of color grading and have a number of feature films completed and lined up in the coming months. My projects have won awards, been screened at festivals in the U.S. as well as in Cannes, France, and have even been shown on Virgin Airlines flights.

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