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Big Red Bike Media's services include video production, writing, graphic design & art direction, motion graphics, media training, photography, and production assistance.  We are a one-stop shop that creates everything from :30 spots and PSAs to long-form videos.

We create network-quality videos that deliver your unique message and make an emotional connection with the viewer. That is our holy grail.

Promotion & Marketing

Show the world WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU DO. Here’s how WE STARTED… the SERVICE we offer…what WE MAKE…in a zippy 3 minutes (or less). 

Education & Training

EXPLAIN to customers or employees how a product, program or service works STEP-BY-STEP.

Non-Profit & Fundraising

CREATE AWARENESS and INSPIRE support for your organization by SHINING THE SPOTLIGHT on the GOOD WORK you do.

The Big Red Bike Media difference:

  1. We treat you like you are our ONLY client. There is no "been there, done that" for us. Every video is completely customized.
  2. Our years of network TV production experience have prepared us for every situation. We've handled animals, children, hurricanes, equipment failure and celebrities so we can handle whatever it is that you need. We're total pros who take care of everything so you can relax.
  3. Our mantra is "Quality, not quantity." A video is only "done" when you love it.We pride ourselves on producing beautifully shot videos but we're METICULOUS (even a little obsessive) about content. We're telling your story and it has to be right. From voiceover copy, to interview questions, to choosing the best soundbites, we craft everything with your message in mind. Our wheels start turning from the first conversation. (For a quick explanation of the process, click HERE)

Still asking yourself "Do I really need a video?" click HERE.