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Founded by Caroline Ziv, a producer with 15+ years of experience at The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America and Dateline NBC, Big Red Bike specializes in creating NETWORK QUALITY custom videos for companies, non-profits and individual clients.


For fifteen years, I've been telling peoples' stories.

I started out at a network - at 30 Rock no less - typing up sketches scribbled on yellow legal pads by the writers at Saturday Night Live.  It wasn’t so much storytelling as trying to decipher people like Al Franken's handwriting and avoiding typos.  Apparently comics, like doctors, were all in the smoking lounge during Penmanship. I still remember the illicit thrill of lurking in the studio watching Dana Carvey et al. rehearse.   Illicit because I was probably supposed to be filling the paper tray in the Xerox machine at the time. 

AboutCarolineZiv ABCNBCAfter SNL, I landed a researcher job at ABC's Good Morning America.   For four years I compiled background information on the guests, topics, and breaking news featured on the next day's show.  While there, I learned how to be Resourceful with a capital "R" (ABC-News didn't have internet yet), pre-interviewed my first guest, produced my first shoot and basically got an education in the news business.   

From GMA I returned to Rockefeller Center to work on the evening news program Dateline NBC.  At the time, the show was on four nights a week and the staff had to bob and weave to keep up with constantly changing world events.  And there was A LOT going on in the world.  I covered stories as varied as President Clinton’s impeachment trial and the Millenium (remember Y2K?) to JFK, Jr.’s tragic plane crash. 

AboutCarolineZiv HarpoLeaving New York City for my hometown of Chicago, I landed at my professional “sweetspot”: producing for The Oprah Winfrey Show.  In my 10+ years at The Oprah Show, I interviewed – on the phone, via email or in person – hundreds, maybe thousands, of people from every corner and walk of life – from celebrities in their homes to felons incarcerated in maximum security prisons.  I met with 9/11 survivors ... and with devastated family members left behind.  I cried with incest and child abuse victims ... and rejoiced with the audience of Oprah's "Favorite Things."  The day after Barack Obama's historic inauguration, I produced The Oprah Show live from Washington DC.  And during my travels to the nooks and crannies of America, I recorded stories of tragedy and triumph, life lessons and life changes, heartbreak and healing.  I've learned from children and octogenarians alike.  All those experiences have led me here.

Since starting Big Red Bike Media, my talented team and I have created content for a Fortune 50 company, helped a popular TED speaker with tug-at-your-heartstrings videos for his global charity, showcased the philanthropic side of a major pet food brand and helped a German fashion line raise tens of thousands of dollars on Kickstarter. Whether it's a marketing or fundraising video, :30 spot, educational tool, or just some "crazy idea" you want to develop, click HERE to get started.