In my last post, I made an argument that every business website needs video. You don’t need to take my word for it -- there are all kinds of stats to support this. Need proof? Check out THIS.

Before I launched Big Red Bike Media, I went for long drive around the Information Superhighway checking out the website landscape and what I saw was missed opportunity after missed opportunity.

Breast cancer awareness: Your Man Reminder

Video can spread a serious message with a light touch.

Just as women rushed to their hairstylists asking for Jennifer Aniston's cut when Friends came out, I'll bet companies are running to ad agencies asking for "The Shave Club". This company became a national phenomenon based on this 90-second video.
hollywood star
I've heard there were actual workshops with that title with "insiders" charging megabucks to teach the secrets of how to get you or your product on the show. I would have really enjoyed being in the audience so I could have heard how spot-on - or off - they were in their advice.