In my last post, I made an argument that every business website needs video. You don’t need to take my word for it -- there are all kinds of stats to support this. Need proof? Check out THIS.

And BTW videos aren’t only for company websites. They’re for email blasts, YouTube and sharing on social media, too. While a video is better than no video, it’s better to avoid falling back on visual clichés. Those types of videos are like Muzak or Fluffernutter on white bread...and that’s FINE if the goal is to be as inoffensive as possible. But maybe you don’t want to settle for FINE.You want a video that grabs people’s attention – but want to stay away from cats. Here are THREE ESSENTIALS for making a video that stands out:

  1. MAKE IT VISUALLY INTERESTING. The location, shooting style, graphics or action grabs the eye and keeps the viewer’s attention.
  2. MAKE THE VIEWER FEEL SOMETHING. Happy, sad, fired up, nostalgic -- it doesn’t matter as long as it elicits an emotion other than boredom.
  3. MAKE THE VIEWER CURIOUS ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. You’re engaged with what’s happening on screen and are along for the ride. You want to see how it ends. Many good videos are also … AT LEAST A LITTLE UNPREDICTABLE. New sights and experiences are more memorable, according to scientists.


Stands to reason, then, that a video that goes in an unpredictable direction is going to be more memorable, too. HAVE MOVEMENT. Take the viewer outside. Show the interview subject in action. Take the camera off the tripod. A video, like water, can be deadly if it’s stagnant. You want it to “flow”. Keep those five ideas in mind if you’re doing any kind of video. Or, better yet, let US do that for you.

Big Red Bike Media can help you create engaging and innovative videos to tell your story in a unique way. Click HERE for a no-hassle, no-obligation conversation about all things video. Here are examples of videos that meet most of the criteria above. And how do YOUR favorite videos stack up against the checklist? Let me know!