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I've heard there were actual workshops with that title with "insiders" charging megabucks to teach the secrets of how to get you or your product on the show. I would have really enjoyed being in the audience so I could have heard how spot-on - or off - they were in their advice. After 10 years working at the show, I knew of only one sure-fire way to get on: be someone Oprah wanted to talk to. The reality was, Oprah didn't have time to find the 20 or so guests a week to fill up a daily show. That's where producers and bookers came in. Her eponymous show, is no longer (though her cable channel O.W.N is going gangbusters) but here's my take on how you could've upped your chances of getting booked: BTW - there's a lot of overlap here. Chances are if you're brilliant and married to royalty, you're also famous and gorgeous ... and arguably, lucky ... but just work with me. So back to our cheat sheet... (drumroll please)

How you could have upped your odds of getting booked on "Oprah":

  • Be famous.
  • Do something heroic.
  • Be gorgeous and/or hilarious and/or brilliant.
  • Win an Olympic medal. A gold one helps.
  • Marry royalty.
  • Be an adorable and/or funny and/or brilliant child.
  • Be a survivor.
  • Get lucky.

What I know for sure: the audiences for the Favorite Things shows (where everyone in the audience gets thousands of dollars of Oprah's favorite products) belonged to the last group.

But there's another group I didn't mention – and if you're not any of the above, listen up because this relates to you: people get booked on "Oprah" (and "Katie", and "Steve Harvey" and "Windy City Live", etc.) because someone (a producer) has decided they would be a good guest. Fact: no producer who wants to keep her job is going to book a guest she thinks will be lousy. What makes a good guest, and why should you, non-potential TV talk show guest – care? Because as I have said and said and said EVERY BUSINESS AND BRAND AND NON-PROFIT SHOULD HAVE AT LEAST ONE VIDEO ON THEIR WEBSITE (click here to be reminded yet again of why) and YOU might very well be the best person to be in that video. Chances are no one knows - or cares - about your business more than you. Would George Foreman have sold 100+ million grills if he'd relied on someone else to do the pitching?? Not a chance!

So back to you: I'd love you to be able to pitch your company/brand/non profit as well as George pitched his grills. I can't promise that. But here's what I can do: share advice I've given to every person I've ever booked for an interview. It's my job to make them look and sound as good as they can. And since you're reading this post, it's the least I can do to try and do that for you, too. That's what I'll be talking about in my next post. Stay tuned!

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